About Us

We recognize that “trust” will never be successful in isolation and that our external relationships will be a major factor in our success. We are a part of a larger health and social care system, which must work together for the benefit of patients and make a significant contribution to the local community.
We strive to reach out to people from every walk of life and do our best to help them stay healthy.

Apart from the major social welfare programs that IMARA Healthcare initiates, every single unit in the Group does its best for the community it serves. In this progressive journey, we remain true to the corporate values and ethos, which helped us to get where we are standing today. We also continue to pursue new ways to volunteer, get involved, and give back to the society through the valuable contribution of both time and money while adopting to sustainable models.

We consistently encourage clinical research, to foster collaborative, multi-disciplinary investigation, inspiring new ideas and discoveries and translate scientific advances into new ways of diagnosing and treating patients and preventing diseases. We are here to build a better tomorrow and extend community care in the most phenomenal way.


The focus of Imara healthcare is “to become the leading hallmark of healthcare industry in emerging markets”.

  • Imara healthcare pursues the highest goals in the sector through the excellence in healthcare.
  • Ensuring affordable and quality healthcare to the community.
  • Striving to gain and retain the patient`s trust.
  • Enforcing good corporate governance.
  • Acting as a responsible corporate citizen.
  • Building constructive relationships with all stakeholders.Being a valued entity of the community.
  • Continuing to grow as a successful diversified healthcare group.


The values that guide IMARA healthcare are
Integrity| Innovation| Collaboration| Transparency| Accountability| Commitment| Excellence