VARICOSE VEIN – Dr. Ranjith Kumar VIjayan

  Usually when people hear the word “Varicose veins” a lot of things runs in their mind like, “I have this either because of some serious sickness or because of ill diet”. To understand well, one needs to identify how this looks in first place. When veins adopt to something abnormal size, dark and swollen veins, twisted and bulged blood vessels, under the skin either in lower arms or legs, feet, ankles and back side of calf muscle it is Varicose

Text Neck Syndrome – Dr. Govind Gurumoorthy

  Hi there, I am Dr. Govind Gurumoorthy, I am a specialist Orthopedic Surgeon having clinical experience over 10+ years. I am here to give you an insight on how routine daily activities affects your health and physique causing “Text Neck Syndrome”. Yes, this is specifically because of excessive usage of smart phone, in the first place, tablets and lastly, laptop. This is how the disorder got its name as TEXT NECK syndrome. It is very much prevalent in our society and