Dr. Akhila Sarun

Name :

Dr. Akhila Sarun

Speciality :

General Dentist

Qualification :



6 + years

Languages Known :

Malayalam (Native), English, Hindi and Tamil (fluent).



Dr. Akhila Sarun is a highly skilled and dedicated General Dentist currently practicing at Clinicare Medical Centre in Al Quisais branch, Dubai. Born in Calicut, Kerala, India, she completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Science, Kothamangalam, Kerala, India in 2016. With a passion for dentistry, Dr. Akhila has gained valuable experience and honed her skills through her professional journey.

Key Skills:
– Oral Hygiene: Providing education and guidance to patients on maintaining optimal oral hygiene practices.
– Treatment of Gum Diseases: Diagnosing and treating various gum diseases to restore oral health.
Bruxism and Clenching: Managing cases of teeth grinding and clenching, and providing suitable treatment options.
– Pediatric Dentistry: Offering comprehensive dental care for children, including preventive treatments, restorations, and oral health education.
– Fillings and Tooth Decay: Performing fillings to restore teeth affected by decay, ensuring proper function and aesthetics.
– Crowns and Bridges: Placing crowns and bridges to restore damaged or missing teeth, restoring both functionality and appearance.
Root Canal Treatment: Performing root canal therapy to save teeth affected by deep decay or infection.
– Dentures: Designing and fitting custom-made dentures to restore functionality and improve the appearance of missing teeth.
– Recall Examination: Conducting regular check-ups to monitor the oral health status of patients and recommend appropriate treatments.
– Tooth Extraction: Performing tooth extractions when necessary, ensuring patient comfort and safety.
– Diagnosis using X-rays: Utilizing dental radiographs to assess and diagnose patients’ dental conditions accurately.
– Treatment Planning: Creating personalized treatment plans in collaboration with patients based on their specific needs and goals.
– Emergency Dentistry: Managing dental emergencies promptly and efficiently, providing relief from pain and addressing urgent dental concerns.
– Safety and Infection Control: Adhering to strict safety protocols, maintaining high standards of infection control in accordance with national laws and regulations.
– Certifications and Registrations: Ensuring all necessary certifications, registrations, and insurance are up to date in compliance with legal requirements.

Dr. Akhila Sarun’s commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and patient-centered approach enables her to deliver comprehensive and compassionate dental care. With her extensive skill set and dedication to maintaining optimal oral health, she strives to provide the highest quality dental treatments to her patients, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction.