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Usually when people hear the word “Varicose veins” a lot of things runs in their mind like, “I have this either because of some serious sickness or because of ill diet”. To understand well, one needs to identify how this looks in first place. When veins adopt to something abnormal size, dark and swollen veins, twisted and bulged blood vessels, under the skin either in lower arms or legs, feet, ankles and back side of calf muscle it is Varicose Veins. They cause severe pain and at times itchy also. Though they are not a serious threat to health as such but it is a discomfort for sure. But sometimes arise complications, such as blood clots, may cause bleeding, and even skin ulcers. Varicose Veins need not be related to any specific body condition, type or personality, neither any specific race and ethnicity. The obvious factor for the cause is age, gender, family history, lifestyle, use of tobacco, over weight body.

It basically occurs when the walls of the veins are weakened and the continuous flow of blood pressure, the vein swell. The weakened walls of the vein get bigger as the vein stretch themselves and will not remain in its natural shape and position. Sluggish blood pools affect the region of the vein, causing the vein to bulge, twist and swell.

As said, varicose veins do not cause any serious threat to health of a person and neither it is dangerous. But one should visit the physician for an examination. If it is a concern, how the varicose veins look, or if they’re uncomfortable, we will suggest treatments which can help them.

There is no proven cure for the healing varicose veins. Some of the procedure that is widely practiced, is elevating the leg, to wear an elastic stocking, this comforts to some extent. In some severe cases a ‘Laser therapy’, a minimally invasive procedure, called endovenous thermal ablation, will help. If not this a ‘Vein surgery’, a procedure called ligation and stripping and even “Sclerotherapy” in which a solution is injected into the affected vein. Eventually, the vein turns into scar tissue and fades away. It may leave some side effects like scar marks, skin burn, infection, bruises, lumps for a period of time. May be new Varicose vein can happen again.

There is no proven record that Varicose vein, can be prevented from happening again. The only way is to adopt to methods, like giving maximum rest to legs, maintain a healthy weight, no smoking, have an active lifestyle with exercise and workouts and avoid tight clothing.

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